Tanzania Safari Map – Detailed Map of Tanzania National Parks

Going on a safari is not a cheap plan, when planning you do not want to miss the best parks in Kenya and Tanzania to see the best landscapes visit site Tanzania safari map and the largest number of animals.

A few years ago, I don't want to remember it so as not to think about "how time passes!", I made a trip to Kenya and Tanzania with friends.

Within our itinerary we include Indian beaches and we also did a safari. It was not easy to choose among so many parks in Kenya and Tanzania, but I think we made the right choice for the trip we took.

Anyway, I have in my "list of pending trips" to go back to the other parks in these two countries that I have not been to, along with so many other circuits in Africa that are incredible.

So here I want to make a summary with the best parks in Kenya and Tanzania for a safari to help make the best decision. I'll tick those I've been to and the others stay on my bucket list for now.



I start with a map so that they can be better located Tanzania safari map geographically where the parks of Kenya and Tanzania are and thus create the best possible itinerary.



Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya 

When we were planning our trip to Kenya, Maasai Mara National Park topped the list of best safari parks in Africa . And it is that thanks to its extension there you can see many animals.


This park is called that for two reasons:

  • For the Maasai tribes that inhabit it.

  • By the Mara river that runs through it.

Among the animals that can be seen are the big five in Africa , known in English as the Big Five , which are the elephant, the lion, the black rhino (which is in danger of extinction), the buffalo and the leopard. But also, other animals such as the wildebeest, well known both in this park and in the Serengeti for the great migrations that occur in the months of April to June.

As with most safaris , the action happens early in the morning, so get up early, bundle up, and don't forget your camera.

One of the best experiences to live browse Tanzania safari map in the Masai Mara is to fly in a balloon over the savannah and go on a safari from above. It is not a cheap plan, but whoever can afford it must know that it is an adventure to live.


Lake Nakuru in Kenya 

It is the first park we visited and where we saw the first animals: flamingos on the water, rhinos, buffalo and baboon monkeys.

Not only do we not approach a few steps from the lake, but we also enjoy the views from one of the viewpoints, the Baboon Cliff , from which you can see the lake almost tinged with pink because of the flamingos.



Tsavo Park is divided into two: the East and the West. The limit between the two is formed by the corridor through which the route circulates and the train that connects Mombasa with the country's capital. We traversed the Tsavo by night by train and obviously we didn't see much outside.

This park was one of the first created in the country and is also one of the largest in extension. It has a large concentration of animals and is one of the best to visit on the way to the beautiful cities in the Indian Ocean such as Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu.

Nearby is the Amboseli Park, which has the privilege of having incredible views of Kilimanjaro, with which you can combine the visit and take the opportunity to continue traveling in Tanzania, which is a few kilometers from the border with that country.


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